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Quaker Parrot

Johnsons Corner, ND
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Name: sandi
Location: Johnsons Corner, ND
Reason Selling: "Medical reasons take too much time from her"
Quaker Parrot

DNA certified female. Chewy is a demanding little 2 year old Quaker parrot that I need to re-home. It has to be a FOREVER home with someone experienced with the breed and is willing to spend time with her that she HAS to have. She is very loving and has severe separation anxiety from her owner. This is why Im interviewing for a new home. My health has me back and forth to the hospital and it is entirely too stressful for her. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN. Chewy requires most of her day to be out of her cage and his very territorial over it when shes in it. To the point that I cover the cage periodically so she doesnt fly back to it when she sees someone at it. She has had the same schedule her entire life and is very cranky if not stuck to. I have had her since birth and hand fed her. If you know the breed then you know they find the one and thats who they bond with. She is true to this. She will ATTACK another bird!! She is fine with dogs and cats. Obviously she is never left alone with them and I will take each on a case by case as far as other animals owned. Ours have grown up together and never ever been at home alone. If you think you could be a perfect fit for Chewy then I would be happy to talk with you more about her. Please do not contact me if you do not have the means to care for her full time for another 20+ years. I will require references or some form of proof that you have the knowledge needed to be her new parent(s) and have a qualified vet in avian care that is willing to be her doctor if she ever falls ill or has an emergency. Also must be willing to visit with her a couple times prior to taking her home as well as a trial fostering period before final signing of adoption papers.. Chewy is very loved and I am not willing to just re-home to anyone. Hopefully this ad only scares away the -just curious -viewers.... Serious inquires only

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